Chocolate Consultancy
I taste and consult on new chocolate products and judge the Academy of Chocolate Awards and Quality Food Awards. I have previously worked with clients in Bean to Bar Chocolate Production Consultancy and Training, Chocolate Product Development and Social Media Management and Development.

Tailored Chocolate Training Courses
I can provide tailor-made training courses in all areas of the chocolate industry, but I have particular expertise in tree to bar chocolate production and international chocolate trends.

Bean to Bar
Since January 2014, I have been experimenting with home bean to bar chocolate production. Through my experience, I have gained significant technical expertise in the production process of chocolate from bean to bar including sourcing, roasting, winnowing, cracking, refining, conching, tempering, moulding and overall quality control.

Product Development
I have extensive product development experience across many different food platforms and a thorough understanding of the development process of a product from inception.

I am actively involved in the chocolate and food industry, attending and participating in many events (and social media). I am always up to date with the latest food trends.

Social Media
I am a very active user of Instagram and have a strong understanding of social media for chocolate businesses. Having been recognised for my huge passion for chocolate through my social media, I was approached by the Northwest Chocolate Festival to assist in the development and management of their social media and now work part time as their Social Media Director.