I have been deeply involved in the Fine Chocolate Industry since 2013 and consult in the following areas:

  • Chocolate Feedback/Reviews
    I have extensive experience in chocolate tasting and judging and judge the Academy of Chocolate AwardsQuality Food Awards, Northwest Chocolate Awards and Premio Bean To Bar Brasil. I was also a committee member for the Good Food Awards USA.
    From the perspective of a consumer and a judge, I can provide detailed feedback on flavour, texture and overall organoleptic properties of chocolates as well as feedback on packaging and branding. Please contact me for a quote.
  • Tailored Chocolate Training Courses
    I provide tailor-made training courses in all areas of the chocolate industry, but I have particular expertise in tree to bar chocolate production and international chocolate trends.
  • Bean to Bar
    Since January 2014, I have been experimenting with home bean to bar chocolate production as well as visiting and volunteering with a variety of chocolate makers around the world. Through my experience, I have gained significant technical expertise in the production process of chocolate from bean to bar including sourcing, roasting, winnowing, cracking, refining, conching, tempering, moulding and overall quality control.
  • Product Development
    In 2012 I gained a degree in BSc Food Science (Int) from the University of Leeds and I have since worked full time in food product development across many different food platforms. I provide consultancy in food product development for a variety of food products from concept to launch.
  • Social Media
    I am a very active user of social media and have a strong understanding of social media for chocolate businesses. Having been recognised for my huge passion for chocolate through my social media, I was approached by the Northwest Chocolate Festival to assist in the development and management of their social media and consulted as their Social Media Director for the Northwest Chocolate Festival 2015 and 2016. I can provide consultation in social media management for chocolate businesses and events.